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NEA - Performance Exhibit

Become a Sponsor

National Ethnic Arts appreciates your contribution. NEA recognizes the importance of sustainability to achieve long-term impact. We will seek funding through grants, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and partnerships with foundations and philanthropic organizations. Additionally, we will explore revenue-generating avenues, such as ticket sales, sponsorship  and merchandise, to supplement our funding sources.

Impact and Evaluation:
NEA is committed to measuring and evaluating its impact. We will assess the reach and effectiveness of our programs through audience surveys, participant feedback, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. This data will guide our decision-making, allowing us to continuously improve our offerings and demonstrate the value and significance of ethnic performing arts in fostering cultural understanding and social cohesion.


Sponsorship benefits

You can also Customize your Sponsorship

To talk more about a customized sponsorship benefits contact Marketing & Sales at

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